Saturday, February 29, 2020

Barbie Creatable World dc-725

Being unboxed today is doll dc-725 from the Barbie Creatable World line. This line features a new body design and is marketed as something that is slightly more customizable than the standard Barbies as, in addition to different outfits, it comes with two alternate hairstyles. A short default haircut and a long wig. The dolls sell between $30-$40CDN.

The dolls have also received quite a bit of publicity due to being of indeterminate gender, meaning that kids can decide if they want their doll to be a male or female character (or neither). Some people have called this the non-binary Barbie, but based on the height difference between this doll and standard Barbies, it seems more like a pre-pubescent one. Either way, if you’re looking for a Barbie-line doll without the exaggerated chest or Barbie or Ken, this fills that gap.

Dc-725 has dark hair and dark skin: there are several other hair and skin colours available.

In addition to the wig, this doll comes with three pairs of shoes/boots (converse-style, loafers, and cowboy boots), a pair of camouflage trousers, a tulle skirt, a short sleeve top, a long sleeve top, a varsity-style jacket, denim shorts, glasses, and a shoulder bag (in the style of a reusable shopping bag more than the style of a handbag).

The doll has 13 points of articulation, which makes it more pose-able than a standard Barbie, but lacks some of the rotational abilities of the Made to Move line.

Having come to fashion dolls from the highly customizable BJD world, I was enthusiastic for a customizable Barbie, but I came away somewhat underwhelmed. The long wig has a very obvious wig line that’s less than ideal, and since that’s the only non-clothing custom element I thought it was a shame it wasn’t better quality (although I did think the microbraids were nicely done).

Overall I think this is a cute doll, and if you’re looking for a play line fashion doll with a younger or less gendered look than a standard Barbie or Ken this definitely fulfills that. I just wish there had been more customizable features.


  1. This line reminds me a bit of the Skipper dolls, they could be the younger siblings of Barbie and Ken. I like the idea that they tried to make it more customizable but shame about the hairline on the wigs. It's nice to have another option though out there for collectors or kids.

  2. I purchased a doll like the one you chose. The vinyl band at the hairline of the wig was disappointing to me, too. It looks as though the doll is wearing a headband and, because of the doll's own hair, the wig doesn't sit on the head properly. It looks better to me with some of the doll's natural hair left out at the hairline, as seen in this photo.


  3. Hello there! I love the idea of creating and customizing your own character, as I think it will let kids have a more creative play, but, as an adult collector, the way the wig is designed put me off. I think this dolls could work well as younger kids in the Barbie world. The wig is bit odd, but I've seen people give them a reroot and they look fantastic.

    I really want to see more of this line, maybe they'll improve the wigs. Also, the whole idea of customization could be very interesting when it comes to playsets.

    Have a lovely week.

  4. Great with new options to kids to play with or for adults to collect. To make and customize your own character really gives the kids a chance to play in new ways and be more creative.
    Bummer about the wig, they should have been thinking about that a bit more and put it back to the working table. Hope that they make more dolls like this, though.

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  6. Interesting. I thought about getting one of these when they were released recently but then thought better of it when I reminded myself that I have BJDs this size and would probably compare them unfavourably to my BJDs. Cute though!

  7. I consider these dolls children in Barbie's world. I agree that the wigs are awkward and ill-fitting. Sometimes, companies don't do a good job with wig accessories. I think it's carelessness - they just want to get the product out and they aren't particular.

    I don't have any of these, but I can see adding a few to my collection. I appreciate the non-binary gender aspect, but I'm comfortable in my old-fashioned "cisgender woman" identity so "gender play" isn't important to me. I like that these dolls are available though for children - the original target market for ALL Barbie and other dolls.

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