Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Wish List: Dolls, Figures and... throw pillows?

I haven't been making any major collection purchases this summer (in part because of all the travelling), but every now and then a preorder item pops up somewhere and catches my eye - and just these week there have been several, so I thought I'd take a break from sorting through the older items in my mother's basement and share a few upcoming items that I'm watching.

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First up is a re-release of Soom's Chrom, with brown tan as one of the resin options.  He's on their Super Gem body which, while not their largest, is still 65cm tall - and I've been holding off on adding any SD+ sized dolls to my collection for three years now.  Still, I've admired this sculpt before, so it's tempting.

He'll be available for pre-order through the end of the month, so I have time to think it over.

Next up is Titan's upcoming (January 2015) release of a series of Dragon Age mini figures, to be sold as blind bags (or boxes).  I'm generally grumpy about the idea of blind bags over the price of $2, but knowing my ridiculous fondness for the Dragon Age games (and the franchise as a whole) that fan-feeling is probably going to get the better of me.

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I didn't follow SDCC this year (aside from checking for a couple of game demos), but when I noticed the new Monster High Vandala Doubloons, she ended up on my watch list as well (both because I like the pirate concept, and because she needs to join the figure-with-prosthesis collection).

 And then last night I came across this Captain Britain throw pillow over on Studio6.  It might not be my favourite piece of fan art, but I can't help but think that it would look fantastic in my Captain Britain-themed guest room...

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And finally just this morning I was scanning recent posts over at toyhaven and discovered that Fewture/ArtStorm is putting out three figures based on characters from Fringe.  I was slow to get into that show (I'm currently working my way through season 4), and I'd always wondered why there wasn't more merchandise.
The Olivia isn't a great likeness, but the other two look decent.

And that's it!  At least for now...


  1. Oh, the Fringe dolls look interesting. Tempting.

  2. OMG that monster high doll. I haven't bought any in a while but she's awesome.

    1. Exactly my thought! Of course when it comes to MH, I've always been "I only need this one." and then a few months later there's another that makes me think the same thing.

  3. Well I never heard of anyone have a figure-with-prosthesis collection, bet it's an interesting one! LOL! The MH will certainly fit in, she's a real perky peg leg.

    1. Heh, there's a first for everything! ;)

  4. "Captain Britain-themed guest room"

    Do you really have such a guest room?! Can we see it??? Pretty please! With sprinkles!

    1. I do! You can see part of it here. And when I'm back at home I'll take more photos (and maybe I'll have picked up that pillow by then!). :)