Frequently Asked Questions

Who is that in your header/avatar?

The current header:
The action figure is Grunt from DC Direct's Mass Effect Series 1.  The doll is an Island doll tan Kevin in an Angell Studio outfit and wig.

The old header:
The far left: LoongSoul Pink Skin XuanXan and Iplehouse light tan YID Cocori.
The middle: Volks SD16 Daria and Dollmore Glamor Model Suntan Mettaa
The far right: Iplehouse dark tan YID Aaron

The avatar:
My avatar is a Dollzone tan Alpha.

Where do you buy these BJDs?
That depends on the doll, but most of them came either direct from their companies or artists (you can find a list of them on BJD Collectasy), or in the case of older dolls, from the Den of Angels marketplace or from the Japanese sencond-hand chain Mandarake.

How did you find those mint on card Star Wars figures?
My mother just has good luck with antique stores and flea markets.  I wish I had some sage advice about that, but honestly I'm sure it's mostly luck (although if there's a trick it's looking for toys from non-toy sellers).

Where did you find those '90s/early '00s figures?
Most of them were either ones I'd had stored since they were new, although a decent number were also picked up at Comic-Kazi in Calgary during their clearance sales. If your local comic book store has a storage area, they may have similar sales, so I'd ask about it (a lot of them don't, so again there's a lot of luck involved).

Why don't you stick to posting about action figures/BJDs/playline dolls?
Because I have more fun talking about all of them.  I gave some thought to having separate figure and doll blogs, but I think the line between the two is too blurry to distinguish a lot of the time.

What are your random visitors looking for?
By far, the most viewed post on this blog is The Figure and Doll Shops of Bangkok's MBK Centre.

Currently, the most searched for posts on Revenge of the Toybox are:

Interestingly (at least to me), some of my most-viewed posts (like the Dragon Age Mystery Minis one), have the fewest comments.

I'm looking for a comparison between two dolls/figures...
If they're ones I have, let me know.  As long as they're not currently in storage I'm happy to take comparison and/or detail shots.

Which ones are in storage?
Most of my '90s-era Toy Biz (mostly X-men) and DC Direct figures (mostly Vertigo and Wildstorm characters), Sasha dolls (other than Caleb), American Girl Samantha, Teen Trends dolls, die-cast X-men mini figures, and PVC Preacher figurines.  Also a selection of tourist dolls.

I want to see one of those!  When do them come out of storage?
Probably not until we're relocated back to Canada.  Right now I don't know when that will be - it might be one year, but it also might be five. Sorry.

I have a question that wasn't included here!
Leave me a comment and let me know - I'll do my best to answer it.

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