Friday, July 25, 2014

Out of the Box: Moni (Uranium's unoffical mini-Sasha)

As I've been reading through various doll and toy blogs I've come across a number of Sasha Doll aficionados, and seeing their dolls, I was reminded of my childhood Sasha Gregor -a doll that I still own, but which went into storage during my last move.  Since I was feeling nostalgic, I checked out the secondary market, but quickly discarded the idea of buying another since a. the prices are rather high and b. I really don't need to replace something that I haven't gotten rid of!

As I was looking through those collector pages, I saw a couple of notes about a short-lived obviously-copied doll from the late 1970s called "Moni".  And since they'd caught my attention, when I came across one on ebay at a non-offensive price I let my curiosity get the better of me and bought her.

If you're not familiar with Sasha dolls, they were a line of dolls created by a Swiss artist, and produced in Germany, then the UK, then Germany again, lasting from 1965 to 1986 ( is a solid site for general information, if you're curious, although the site design is a bit retro).  The dolls came in two sizes, with the standard being 40cm (16 inches) and then a "Baby" size that was slightly smaller.

In the Box.
The knock-off Moni dolls were only produced for one year in the late-70s (by a Swiss company called Uranium) before being taken off the market (for being obvious knock-offs, it seems).  At 18cm (7 inches) they're much smaller than their inspiration, but have a near-identical face style and are found in the same coffee colour.  The vinyl is much lower quality - it has more of a rubbery feel to it, and the hair is also a weaker element, but they still manage to be fairly appealing.

Perhaps not surprisingly given the size, these dolls aren't strung as the large Sashas are, but are  jointed in the style of a 70s fashion doll.  The clothing is also more equivalent in quality to those of playline fashion dolls of the era rather than the larger dolls that they mimicked (the dress is simple, and the shoes are moulded plastic).

Ultimately, the doll is cute and I think it's a nice novelty piece for Sasha fans, but I don't know that there's a lot of appeal beyond that.  Still, I'm glad I picked her up, and I look forward to having her on a shelf with my Gregor the next time I relocate.

The complete line, as shown on the back of the box.

The inner packaging.

Size comparison with an American Girl (which is of
a similar height to the Sasha Dolls).
I should have brought the Moni with my on my
trip to Toronto since I have access to my sister's
old Sasha doll now.  Ah well...


  1. Your Moni doll is cute. Thanks for sharing her. I had never heard of them. Although I am mostly interested in playscale sized dolls, I used to want to get a brown-haired Sasha and a Caleb (the Black boy). I even have a leather pants and vest somewhere for them. I got the outfit on sale years ago - lavender and white striped shirt under brown leather vest and pants. Need to find that ;-)

    1. I remember seeing that leather pants and vest set in catalogues back when I was a kid - they'd be fun to have! Do you have other dolls that can wear those outfits?

  2. Yeah, she's basically just a not-as-nice Sasha. You might like this website. The woman who runs it has several doll-related websites; this one is dedicated to her Sashas.

    1. Thanks for the link! Now I'm going to have to spend the rest of my weekend reading through it. ;)

  3. I got my first Moni doll today. Her quality is low, but her cuteness makes up for it. Thanks for this great write-up!

    1. Congratulations on finding a Moni! They might not be top quality, but I agree with you on the cuteness. :)