Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Out of the Box: Angelo (Angelheim Venetio)

The default outfit, with the trench-coat.
It's taken me 8 months, but I'm almost finished with unpacking the big dolls!  This guy, an Angelheim Venetio who I call Angelo, is second-to-last - only one more to go!  But before I move on, let's talk about him.

Back before they were acquired by D-Storic (who I've been told have vanished as well now, although I haven't seen official word on that), Angelheim was it's own entity, and one of their early sculpts (from 2009) was this guy: Venetio, "the magician".  I admired their dolls (huge 70+cm ones), but hadn't seen enough of them to be sure about the quality.  And they only came in two colours - white and light pink, which would make the doll hard to photograph with the rest of my dolls.

But after a year of stalking their site, I noticed a sale and decided to order him anyway.  The company appeared to not be ready for the demand of that sale, because it took months for this doll to come home, but when he finally did arrive, I was not disappointed.

This doll has a fabulously detailed headsculpt, and a wonderfully engineered body.  In many ways, he's almost more like a giant action figure than a doll - endless poses, but also the ability to stand like a statue.
In an alternate wig.

The body is stylized, but in a different way than many of the willowly 70cm bodies that are out there: this one is thin, but is still quite broad shouldered.  The hands and feet are also delightfully well-sculpted and are a perfect size for the doll.  While the chest size does make him a little challenging to dress, this is still one of my favourite doll bodies.

I also ordered an outfit at the same time (the "Ryan" default set), and it proved to also be fantastic set of clothing - it included a long jacket with buttons, a matching shirt and scarf and faux-leather pants, all of which are well-crafted and fit the doll perfectly.  I regret not buying more of their outfits when they were available.

In an alternate wig, with Volks Daria
Because Venetio's head is the same size as the shorter SD13 heads,
whenever I feel the need for my Heath to be taller
he gets to borrow this body for a while.

With EID Chase (who is wearing the Venetio default wig).
Riding the dog.  I wouldn't trust any other doll body to balance like this.


  1. These are way out of my collecting-sphere and something I normally wouldn't comment on, but felt I had to because of how "alive" they seem! I've never seen anything like them before. They truly are little works of art.

    1. Thanks! I was never much of a doll person myself before I got into BJDs - it was exactly that "life" that drew me in.

  2. LOL at the last photo. That dog does not look pleased.

    1. Heh, yup. My poor dog gets the "Eeyore" look whenever I bring out the camera and a doll. You can imagine him thinking "Oh dear" in a resigned tone. ;)