Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fifth out of the box: Osman (Iplehouse JID Boris)

One of my newest dolls, I've still not figured out exactly how to style this guy, but he's an attractive doll and a good size, so he still got to be one of the first on display.

I ordered him via Iplehouse's Custom Doll System (which I believe has since been renamed) after noticing that the blank sculpt had more than a passing resemblance to their EID Chase.  And since I already had a Chase, it seemed like it would be promoting cohesion in my collection by bringing home a doll that looks like family.

I'm normally not a fan of ordering a sculpt in a colour for which there are no examples, but given the resemblance, I figured that an ebony Boris would still be a safe buy - and I was pleased to discover it was true (I was even more pleased to see how close the colour was to my Chase, who - being a NC Shadow Chase - was from the first batch of ebony after Iple stopped doing the old dark tan).

The JIDs aren't really in scale with the EIDs, so I don't frequently photograph the two together, but there they are on the right (along with my dog, because why not).

The JID body is not the most natural of posers, but it has fantastic detail, stands like a rock and has a nice weighty resin, so I give it top marks.

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