Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out of the box: Murad (Iplehouse EID NC Shadow Chase)

I missed this guy when Iplehouse first released him, and pre-CDS, that meant watching the secondary market for ages - I actually missed this very doll once (I messaged the owner just hours after she accepted an offer from someone else), but then that owner later sold him and so he came to join my doll posse (minus his chimera parts at that point, but I wouldn't have used those anyway, so I wasn't complaining).

Despite being third-hand, he's actually in very good shape still - the hook on one ankle broke, but that's a common issue with the EIDs, and so it's not really cause for concern.  Everything else is near-perfect.  I've heard of dolls from this same release who went purple, but his colour is actually near-identical to my 2012 JID Boris, so I think it's safe to say that it's aging quite well.

He's become the doll that I've put through the most reinventions as well, so let's take a look at them:

Day 1: Painted as the last owner's character ("censored" with a cigar, because ha!)

I actually loved how owner #2 had painted the eyebrows, so the real challenge was trying to keep them while taking off the rest of the face - it worked reasonably well, I feel.

Look #1

Look #1:   big blue eyes and orange-red hair (the default wig from my SD13 Heath - despite the huge size difference, they actually wear the same wig size).

At this point I had no EID-size clothing, so I had to squeeze him into anything that fit (the pants I'd made based on online measurements ended up being a good size too small).

Look 2 (with Angelheim Venetio)
Look #2: Same blue eyes, but now with a white fur wig.  Same clothing issues too, since my attempts at getting him into Angelheim's Elderheim sizes and Dollmore's Glamor Model clothes had a 90% failure rate.

Several more failed attempts at other-company clothing and weak attempts at sewing (finally foiled when the tension on my ancient sewing machine finally died), but this guy was finally saved when I ordered another EID (an Arvid) and bought a selection of clothes along with him.  Around the same time I snagged some smaller brown eyes as well, and thus was his look finalized (although the clothes still rotate, of course).

Final look (with Lt brown EID Arivd)

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