Friday, January 24, 2014

A new aquisition: Daken (Marvel Legends Dark Wolverine)

He's glaring at you.
I was looking through action figure collection photos on Flickr the other day and noticed this guy in someone's collection.  My first reaction was to assume that it was a custom work, because considering that the Daken comic was cancelled, and he's not a character in the movies or the TV series, would there have been demand for an official figure?

But apparently the demand was there, because this is a real thing!  So of course I bought him, because I loved his solo series while it lasted - it had all the soap opera + action that makes a bad/good superhero book (Vague spoilers here: planting bombs in schools!  Tricking people into fighting!  Psychopath girlfriends and power-stealing boyfriends!  Silly crossovers!).

In any case, the figure is decent - well-articulated, clearly looks like the character (although I think the tattoos are a little wrong), and included the random extra of the arm of a build-it-yourself figure.

I did think it was a little weird that they only used the name "Dark Wolverine" on the packaging.  If someone who isn't familiar with the comics saw the package, would they know it was a different character and not just Wolverine with a mohawk?

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