Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Second out of the box: Tshepo (Iplehouse YID Dk Aaron)

With a casting date of 2007, this guy is one of the senior statesmen of the doll posse - only two dolls are older - and he's probably the one I'd keep if I had to give the rest up (although my Volks Heath would probably be running neck-and-neck).

The old YID bodies are less realistic and more traditionally SD-sized than Iplehouse's later EID/SID/JID lines, but it's still a solid piece of engineering.  Not the most natural of posers, but not bad by any means - and capable of holding a pose, which I always appreciate.

Much has been made of colour-shifts in early tan dolls, but this one has held his colour beautifully - no greening or purple-ing here (unlike a Lt Cocori that I'll have to show off another time - she is looking a bit seasick these days).

Being one of their older dolls, this guy also game with a full set of clothing, which was also quite good quality - his default leather jacket (pictured on the right) is actually one of my favourite pieces of doll clothing overall.

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