Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In storage: American Girl Samantha

My husband likes to insist that I didn't put nearly enough stuff into storage when we moved (even though easily half the furniture and the vast majority of my books - probably close to 85% - did), but of course "stuff" generally just means toys, and that might not be too far from the truth.

But some toys did go into storage, and my AG Samantha was one of them.

Didn't everyone think up AG fanfic about how maybe in 1914 an older Samantha runs off to Canada to join the red cross and ends up as a nurse in Flanders? And then runs into all of the war poets?

No?  Just me then?
  It's a little odd that I even have her - she's from back in the day when there were only three dolls and they were sold through a paper catalogue.  They weren't as widely known, so it was just a fluke that one of my mother's American-resident sisters happened to get a catalogue and, not having daughters, brought it along on a visit instead of just throwing it out.

My parents naturally thought the dolls were absurdly expensive (not to mention the added cost of international shipping), so I didn't actually get this doll until I was a teenager and my younger sister somehow convinced the family that she only needed one gift for every event of the year, and that gift should be the newly released Felicity.

Anyway, now that I've sent this doll to storage I've (of course!) started finding all kinds of interesting sewing projects for the size.  Ah well!

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