Thursday, January 30, 2014

Visiting toys: Mulder, Scully and Krycek (Sideshow Toys X-files)

Krycek's ready to stab some shape-shifters
My sister and I were huge X-files fans back in the day.  Even now, when the show's been off the air for more than a decade, when we get together we randomly insert quotes into our conversations.

But even so, back when Sideshow toys released their X-files line we passed on them - the $65 price tag seemed steep when there were still $15 movie tie-in action figures floating around. 

And aside from that, my sister isn't much of a collector - being more of a minimalist, a doll would be out of place in her house. But as a pathologist, the ghost of Scully has haunted her:  When she finished med school, a surprising number of people asked her if she was specializing in pathology because of CSI;  "No, because of X-files" she'd joke.  The joke was repeated often enough that we started joking that it was too bad there wasn't a figure of Scully in scrubs that she could put on her desk at work and point to.

"But I don't wanna do an autopsy!"
Fast-forward a couple of years, to 2013, when I decided to pick up the Krycek doll on the secondary market (I wanted to add him to my "evil amputee" shelf, which is a story for another day).   And while I was checking out the ebay listings, I noticed that there actually was a version of the Scully doll in scrubs - "Autopsy Scully"!  So of course I decided I'd found the perfect Christmas gift for my sister.  And when I found a listing for both that doll and the Mulder one, I went for it.  Unfortunately they didn't arrive early enough for me to take along on my holiday visit to Toronto, so the dolls are still with me for now.

On the doll quality: The likenesses aren't great - they all look vaguely like the actors, but are all just a little off.  The proportions are also a little strange, although I think if they had slightly longer necks and legs then they'd all look a little less blocky.  That said though, the dolls are very well articulated and have nicely detailed outfits.  My Krycek doll was still in his original box and came with a branded stand and some nicely detailed accessories.


  1. Congratulations on getting your sister's Grail doll for her. That Autopsy Scully will be nice for her to have on her desk. I used to follow the X-Files, but I found Mulder irritating. There was an episode where Mulder's body was inhabited by a mutant or alien who looked at himself (in Mulder body) and told himself that he was a very good-looking man. Aarrrghh, I screamed. LOL. That was the final straw for me.

    Sideshow Toys is usually off on their likenesses. Have you seen their Wai Lin aka Michelle Yeoh? But I like having different dolls and different action figures in my collection. They don't all have to be pretty ;-)

    1. Thanks for the congrats; I can't wait until I get to give it to her!
      And I remember that body-switching episode - LOL!

      I hadn't seen the Bond series before - heh, that Wai Lin really isn't much of a likeness, is she? Still, interesting ones to have! :)