Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First out of the box: Davu (Souldoll Vito Rouse)

The Souldoll Vito line: a strange size - too delicate to be SD-sized, too tall to be MSD-sized, and so few in number. I remember watching this limited edition part of the Tarot series during his run in 2010, but held off on buying him because, having just joined DoA in the spring, I'd picked up way too many dolls already that year.

But he stuck with me, and I was sorry to have missed him. Fast forward to 2012, and I saw a dealer page that had his fullset version in stock.  And the tan version as well!  I waffled about getting him (I didn't need the fullset! They charge a premium!), but eventually I surrendered. My only doll purchase of 2012, as it turned out.

 If only this size weren't so challenging to outfit and out of scale with other BJDs, this would probably be one of my favourite doll bodies.  The engineering is fabulous - he poses very naturally and yet can stand solidly for days - no wiring or sueding required.  And the sculpting is wonderful - lovely details with a solid balance of beauty and realism.

As for the fullset, even though he's not displayed in it, it's all solid quality and lovely to look at (aside from the fur wig, which I didn't bother even photographing - it looks a bit like a dead muskrat).


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