Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#7: Roland (Soom ID51 London)

Another day, another non-standard sized doll!

When the original steampunk London was released, I debated ordering him, but held out - I wasn't that taken with the narrow Soom faces, he was strange size and would be a challenge to dress... But when his sale period ended I kept thinking about him, so when a second release popped up I went for it.

I still rather regret not getting the original outfit, although the cream white suit that was released with the second period was nice too (just a little hard to keep clean, given my fondness for photographing dolls outdoors!).

I got him in the dark brown resin, which is a nice even colour (it's slightly lighter than Iplehouse's ebony, and quite similar to their old dark tan).

The default outfit
The sculpt is awesomely detailed - both face and body - but the real standout is the detail on the hands and feet.  They're probably the nicest in my collection.  On the downside, the knees are single jointed, so the posing options are limited, and his resin is actually quite thin around the joints, which makes me a little nervous.

In terms of scale, he's too short and too realistically proportioned to fit with standard SD-sized dolls, and his tiny head (he shares wigs with Yo-sized dolls!) means he looks odd with standard minis.  He's only slightly shorter than the Souldoll Vito though, so they work together, and depending on wig choice he can look in scale with the Iplehouse JIDs (although the head size on those is slightly larger on a shorter body).

With Souldoll Vito Rouse
On clothing - he's slightly to broad in the shoulders for the tighter-fitting Souldoll Vito and Iplehouse JID clothing, but anything baggy can work.  I've had better luck with putting him in SD10-sizes (although obviously the bottoms are always too long if they're left unaltered).

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