Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An introduction

I moved recently, crossing the border, ready for a three year stint in the United States. Packed up all of our stuff, and divided it up into stuff to take, stuff to go into the storage locker, stuff to go to mum's house and to mum-in-law's house.

A terrifying amount of that stuff turned out to be my toy collection, and this blog is my effort to tame the beast. Or at least to document it. Either way, the toys are ready to come out of their boxes and party!


  1. Hey, hey, hey! Nothing like a doll and action figure party. Whoo hoo! Are Lorne and Angel doing the Robot dance? The pink and the black top hats up the party feel. Hope the little dude in the back, atop the fireplace/piano? does not get hurt. He doesn't look steady ;-)

    Welcome to the doll and action figure blog zone!

    1. Thanks for the welcome! :)

      Lorne is totally dancing! I think Angel is holding back though - he is the only one without a party hat. ;)