Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sixth out of the box: Shep (Illusion Spirit ZhuQing)

This wig?  On another doll now.
This poor doll keeps losing his wigs.  Not literally, of course - it's just that nearly every one of them eventually finds itself on someone else's head!

One of the questions I get about tan dolls from lines that only do promotional details in normal is whether or not the colour is even - and his is.  That said though (and this is an issue with several companies), Illusion Spirit sands all of their dolls before sending them out, and because of that there are colour variations where the seams were sanded off.

In retrospect, I wish I'd asked them not to do it (although some companies - like Dollzone - will refuse and do it anyway, which baffles me since it's more work for them), but it's ultimately not a huge issue since my dolls generally stay dressed (at least while they're on display).

In comparison to the Iplehouse JID body
Aside from the sanding issue though, I'd say that this doll is probably one of the most impressive when it comes to value for money - he poses well, can stand unsupported and is strung with decent elastic.  If I were going to complain, I could be petty and say that the sculpt is very simple, but I think that's actually part of the appeal of this doll.

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