Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Out of the Box: Corolle Les Chéries Cécile

Today we're finally down to the final member of my smaller play doll lineup! Being unboxed today is The "Paris Party en fête" version of Cécile from Corolle's Les Chéries doll line.

The Les Chéries dolls are 13"/33cm fully vinyl dolls with rooted hair. Unlike the other lines in this size range that I've been posting about over the past week, these ones have sleep eyes. The line is aimed at children ages 4 and up, and generally retails at around $40 USD, depending on the outfit.

The doll is packaged in a pale pink box with a front plastic window that allows the whole doll to be seen.

In the box.
The back of the box.

The box opens via a top flap, and the inner lining (to which the doll is attached) easily slides out of the box.
The inner packaging.
The doll is secured to the lining with a tie at the neck and elastic at the feet, allowing her to be quickly freed from the packaging.
Out of the box
This particular doll comes wearing a red dress, a purple bolero jacket and matching headband, sparkly gold shoes and carrying a matching sparkly gold purse. Most impressive to me was the fact that the dress and jacket are lined, which wasn't the case for any of the other dolls in this size range that I've reviewed up to this point.
Rear view
The doll has the standard five points of articulation (neck, shoulders, hips), and is made of a soft vinyl which is similar in feel to the Las Amigas body.
These dolls are slightly shorter than the Welliewishers and Hearts for Hearts dolls, and slighter taller than Las Amigas.
L-R: American Girl Welliewisher Ashlyn, Hearts for Hearts Surjan,
Corolle Les Chéries Cécile, and Paola Reina Las Amigas Carol
The same line up, unclothed
The Les Chéries body is most similar in size to the Hearts for Hearts body, although the shape is somewhat closer to Las Amigas.  That said, all of the bodies are similar enough that there is potential for clothes sharing across all four lines.
Wearing a Welliewishers shirt.
Wearing a Las Amigas shirt
Although it should be said that the narrow shoulders of this line means that the relatively broad-shouldered Wellwishers body look like they've outgrown their outfit when the sharing goes in that direction.
This dress is just a little too tight...
Overall, the only complaint that I have with this doll is the lack of ability to raise the arms (they can swing upwards, but not be lifted).  That aside, I think she has a charming face, and I was very impressed with the quality of her outfit.  I think she may be quickly becoming my favourite doll in this size/style range!
A parting glance from the garden.


  1. She has resting bitch face! It's cute!

    1. Heh, those eyebrows do give her an intense glare, don't they? ;)

  2. Very cute dolls - all of them. My daughters both had Corolle baby dolls growing up. I got them as they were one of the few companies that had Asian baby dolls. Also, at least on the baby dolls, you could tell a boy from a girl!

    1. Heh, that's not something you see every day in baby dolls!

      I'm really impressed with the quality on this one, especially with the clothing, so I can imagine that those baby dolls must have been great for your daughters when they were younger. :)

  3. Ah another chubby cheeked doll, you are getting quite a collection of these JS. :) She's a cutie and has a very interesting face, great expression.

    1. Heh, it's true about the string of chubby-cheeked dolls - suddenly my collection of those big mature dudes has been invaded by these little girls! ;)

  4. Hi JS! Cécile sure is a cute doll and she fits perfectly among your other dolls.
    Keep having fun!

  5. I really adore the skintone of this one and her features are quite cute. I do love the simple body design too. Shame about her arms though. But she's still quite an adorable little doll.

    1. She does have a great face, doesn't she? I always have to remind myself that I shouldn't expect great articulation on play dolls, but at the same time I bet kids would appreciate some more exciting posing potential as well, you know?

  6. She looks like she is the leader of every school activity... and she yells at other kids if they talk when the teacher is out of the room. I can dig it!

    1. I bet she is - she has that look, doesn't she? LOL. ;)

  7. She is cute but she looks like a trouble-maker. I love you last picture of her, she looks like the is tell us we better recognize!

    1. Heh, she's definitely a doll with opinions I think! ;)