Monday, June 27, 2016

Out of the Box: Paola Reina Las Amigas Carol (FCB version)

I don't know how many of you were like me and spent all of yesterday watching the three Euro matches and then the Copa America final with all their highs and lows (from Batshuayi's celebratory backflip to Messi hiding his face in his shirt), but if you did, I'm sure you can understand how I felt the need to share a football/soccer-related doll.

And it's not completely random because we're also continuing with the smaller playline doll theme, as being unboxed today is a doll from Paola Reina's Las Amigas line - in particular, the FCB version of Carol, complete with jersey and cap.

The Las Amigas dolls are a line of 12.5"/32cm vinyl dolls with rooted hair and inset eyes. The prices of the dolls vary depending on their outfits, generally ranging between €50-60/$55-65 CAD.

This particular doll came packaged on a open-faced stand-type box decorated in Barcelona's team colours:
In the box.
She is held to the box with elastics at the neck and ankles which are attached to front-facing hooks, making her very easy to remove from the box.
The text behind the doll ("more than a club")
As an aside, there are two other faces available with the Barcelona kit, and there are also dolls available that are dressed as Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid supporters.

She comes wearing her team jersey, shorts and cap, as well as white socks and converse-style shoes. Unlike most of the other dolls I've seen in this size, she's not wearing underwear.
Out of the box.
This particular doll has brown inset eyes and medium length brown hair, which was held in two low pigtails with clear elastic.  As with all of the Paola Reina dolls that I've seen, this doll has extraordinarily detailed sculpting of the mouth and nose.
Without the hat, and with her hair down.
When taken down, the hair is a little bit uneven, but not too sparsely rooted and otherwise of decent quality.
Back view of the hair immediately after removing
the pigtails.
These dolls have four points of articulation - neck, shoulders, hips - and have good swinging motion but limited to no movement in other directions (although she is able to tilt her head somewhat.  Interestingly, since the doll is shorter (by 1.5"/4cm) than the similarly styled Hearts for Hearts and Wellie Wishers lines, this body seems to have a slightly more shapely torso.

Despite the height difference, I think she doesn't look out of place with those slightly larger dolls.
Next to Wellie Wishers Ashlyn and Hearts for Hearts Surjan
And some more size comparisons:
Between AG mini Josefina and Island Doll Kevin (who is Yo-SD sized)
Next to American Girl Cécile.
Given the background, one might assume that Cécile is attempting
to convince Carol to say "Allez les diables" (I'm sure Carol has her
own allegiances though ;) ).
With Sasha Caleb (who has borrowed the hat) and a seated Volks SDC Miko.
Despite being quite a bit taller, Miko can fit
into the jersey (although it's a bit short on him).
Overall, I think Carol (and the line in general) have fantastic facial sculpts, and while the bodies are fairly lightweight and standard, the faces more than make up for that. And as for this doll in particular, her outfit is of decent quality, and she just strikes me as being an overall fun doll (although it would have been even more fun if she'd come with a ball).

A parting wave.


  1. Replies
    1. Heh, maybe she's disappointed about Spain being eliminated today. ;)

    2. She's good at following current events, then!

    3. I'm thinking she learned to read by following the sports pages! ;)

  2. She's cute, but to me she appears to be for a slightly younger group than the Wellie Wishers or Hearts for Hearts. Maybe that's just because her face is more babyish looking in my opinion.

    1. The recommended age on her is 3+, versus 5+ for the Wellie Wishers, so you're right, she is probably aimed at a slightly younger group. Although it surprised me that the Wellie Wishers have painted eyelashes versus this one's rooted lashes, considering how it's probably more likely for the younger kids to try and pluck them out!

  3. She has a gorgeous face JS, but you can keep the soccer?? outfit!

    You'll probably guess from my comment, I am not very sports minded. We get so much of it in Australia, sport is rammed down our throats on every TV channel and I get completely fed up with it (hence I watch very little TV!

    Anyway I think she'll make a lovely addition to your dolly family. :)

    1. Thanks!

      And LOL, yup, soccer. I have a couple of non-sports minded family members who I'm probably torturing whenever there's a major event happening (like now), so you've just given me a good reminder to keep that in mind when they're visiting. :)

  4. I really love the painting on this face especially around the lip area. It just looks so realistic. I like the simplicity of the body design especially for this type of doll and age.

    1. You're right, I think this body probably holds up to play much more sturdily than the strung bodies that some of the bigger ones have.

  5. Wow, she's smaller that I would've thought so I appreciate the comparison photos. The best feature of these dolls are their lips, in my opinion..they are so pretty!

    1. I totally agree about the lips! :)

      She seems really tiny with the other two, but with the Les Chéries doll added to the lineup they end up looking line a more natural continuum of hights, at least to my eye. And it was interesting to me that the bigger dolls could wear her top (although to be fair, it's quite loose-fitting).