Monday, September 11, 2017

Better Late Than Never: Made To Move Barbie

The soccer player waves hello.
Before I get to the dolls, I thought I'd let you know that my house stayed dry during Hurricane Harvey. I was out of the country (my five day trip to visit family in Belgium ended up doubly extended), but my husband and the dog were in town - one of our cars was flooded, but other than that we were lucky.

And now on to the dolls!

It's been almost two years since people started reviewing the then-new Made to Move multi-jointed Barbies. At the time I'd been planning to pick one up at some point, but I'd never thought it would take quite as long as this!

But last week I found the "Soccer Player" edition on clearance, and since I can't resist a bargain I decided to bring the doll home.

The front of the package

The back of the package.

Free from the box and trying out a yoga pose

Kneeling and touching her face.

Crossing her legs and arms.

Matching poses with Granado Udell
I know it's been said many times by now, but for a doll at this price point, Made to Move Barbie is such an impressively engineered piece. I can't believe it took me so long to bring one of these home!

Going for a run and waving good-bye.


  1. I'm glad your husband and doggie made it through Harvey okay! I'm also happy for you that your home and most of your possessions are okay.

    I think the Made to Move Barbie body is one of the best things Mattel has come out with in a long time. It's so extremely poseable, yet the joints mostly look natural, which can be hard to achieve. I hope they not only continue to use this body, but transfer the poseability to some of their new body types.

    1. Thanks, Barb!

      I hope they expand the use of this body too. I'd love to see some of the tall/short/curvy bodies get the articulated treatment (and the Kens too)!

  2. Glad to read that you and your family and pet are okay!
    Soccer player Barbie is awesome :-). I have her on my wish list too. There's another one: a martial arts Barbie, she's great too, and also on my list.
    The picture with Udell is very funny :-D.

    1. Thanks, Susi!

      I was so amused by her and Udell together that she now lives in his lap on a display shelf! ;)

  3. So glad for you that Harvey had little effect on you and yours. It was such a fierce storm.

    It's good that Mattel is using a variety of complexions for these girls for those who need articulated bodies for other dolls, who also don't mind the flat feet.


    1. Thanks, Debbie. It really was quite the storm, I'd never seen anything quite like it! We definitely got lucky.

      It's true, with all the new heads that Mattel has put out, it's good that they've also done several versions of these articulated dolls so that most of the heads can be re-bodied. Maybe someday they'll do even more of them (or so I hope)!

  4. It is awesome to read you, husband and pet, and your house are fine!! Sad about the car, though. I hope you can fix it D:

    That Soccer player Barbie looks awesome, and the mobility is great!! I also love her face :3

    1. We couldn't fix the car, but it was insured so at least we have a replacement on the way. Considering what some people experienced, we were still quite lucky though! :)

      I definitely love this Barbie's mobility and expression. She's so much fun that I can't believe it took me this long to pick one of these up!

  5. Glad to hear that you all are doing fine! It is sad about the car, but I hope that there is a way to make things work while you wait for a replacement. Saw some news reports from the Harvey - it was real bad.

    I have been looking for a Barbie "Made to Move" and showed my youngest daughter and husband the one with the blonde hair. They both thought that I should get her, just because they are so into soccer. She is a pretty one, with brown hair too. And I love the way she can move and pose!

  6. I didn't see this post!

    I'm glad to hear you and the family are okay! I didn't realise you were in that area where the hurricane hit. We get them here too but we call them cyclones. Hope you are able to save the car though.

    Welcome to the world of MTM Barbie. I think this body is one of the best things Mattel ever did. Sure, the joints don't look too pretty but it never bothered me at all. I love how much more poseable they are now. It's one of the reasons I started looking at Barbie again, that and their Fashionista line. I love the diversity they have introduced there.

    But yes, very impressive for playline. I think it puts them in front of any other companies (looking at you Hasbro.)

  7. So glad to hear that you didn't suffer too much from the hurricane!
    I haven't seen the 'soccer' one of these Barbies, the only ones I've seen here are those wearing the lycra leggings and cropped tops, so I have a few of those. I agree with you, their articulation is really good, they pose very well too!