Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Out of the box: Imran (Volks SD13 Irvin)

Current look.
A unique doll - one of only two (the other being SD16 Ruby) do be released in the ebony, and with a distinct fantasy outfit (and ears) - I was fascinated by this guy from the moment I saw him.   For a couple of years this doll was, as they say, my grail doll - a limited Dolpa release with high prices on the secondary market.  I admired him, but always assumed it would always be a long-distance admiration.

But then 2011 rolled around, and with both the global economy taking a hit and the BJD market shifting to include many more options (and perhaps more importantly, more lower-cost options), the prices of these older Volks limiteds started to drop a bit.  And finally over the summer (when I was on my honeymoon actually) I saw one seller drop her price to a point that I felt I couldn't pass up (I won't lie though, he's still the doll I paid the most for).

Default look (with elf ears)
He has the same standard SD13 long-leg body that my Heath has, but came with removable ears - two sets actually, one elf-style and one human.   And his colour has aged well: none of the greening that some companies' tans have been prone to.  He also has an interesting face sculpt - depending on the angle (and to a certain extent, choice of wig) he can look very child-like or quite a bit more mature.

 That's him looking young on the left, and in his default gear on the right.


Amusingly, given that I fell in love with him because of his elaborate fullset outfit, I've not had him displayed in that style since the first time I photographed him.


  1. Hi! On the photos he looks every time like a different doll, amazing! He's a very handsome doll. You have quite a collection, I don't own any BJD dolls, but am dreaming of a Souldoll Lester. Do you think that would be a good choice, quality-wise?

    1. Thanks! :)

      Lester looks like a great doll - Souldoll has fantastic quality and lovely sculpts. My Rouse is from the same Vito line as Lester and is an absolute favourite of mine. The only downside of that line is the size; Since it's an in-between size ready-made bjd clothing and patterns tend to be either too large or too small. But with your sewing and knitting skills I don't imagine that would be much of an issue! :)

    2. Thanks for the information! Rouse is also beautiful. I would make Lester the boyfriend of my Lorifina dolls (I have 5, isn't he lucky :-)), so his size is perfect. I never made men's doll clothing before, but it would be a challenge to dress him! (Still have to scrape the money together though). thanks again :-).

  2. These dolls are gorgeous. I was trying to follow your blog, but there isn't a button that lets me do that. Are you planning to put a "Follow Me" button on your site?

    1. Thanks!

      And thanks for the reminder about the button - I'll add that now! :)