Monday, February 3, 2014

Out of the box: Nolitye (Secretdoll Binu)

In a Pipos outfit
Secretdoll's Binu is another non-standard size:  technically in high-end of the YoSD range at 31cm, the doll is proportioned in the style of an MSD, so she has the proportions of a 9-12 year old child, rather than the toddler body that most tiny BJDs have, while still not quite qualifying for "mature tiny" status.

My first non-SD sized BJD, I wasn't sure what to expect of this girl, but she's really quite lovely.  The engineering of the body is imperfect (she needs a stand in order to stay upright) and fairly basic (she's single jointed), but in a way that only adds to her charm.

In a Liv doll outfit
Mine is the tan version, and the colour is beautiful - a solid brown, without the orange underlayer that some companies' medium tans tend towards.  And considering the age (the doll was released in 2008) and that Secretdoll is such a small operation, her colour is perfectly even:  none of the marbling that one frequently sees.

The biggest challenge with this doll is finding clothes in the right scale.  YoSD clothes tend to be a little too short and a little too baggy, while fashion doll clothes tend to be slightly too tight (although I had some luck with the now-discontinued Liv doll outfits).  I do enjoy sewing for my dolls, but her size makes that more of a challenge for my limited skill.

She has an adorably detailed face that matches the body in being in that in-between zone of not-quite-child, not-quite mature - although I've seen other Binus that were painted to look more adult, so it's certainly a possibility with this sculpt.

On display, she generally doesn't look in-scale with the standard YoSD/MSD/SD sizes, but she is reasonably in scale with my taller non-standard sized dolls:
In between Souldoll Vito Rouse and Soom ID51 London


  1. She looks so tiny in that last photo! LOL

    1. Hee - she does! And those are the *short* guys!