Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out of the Box: Omar (Island Doll Kevin)

Day one: these eyes proved to be a little small.
This little guy was my first standard Yo-sized doll, and was a bit of an impulse buy:  a dealer happened to have the tan version in-stock, and the temptation was just too great (it was 2011, which was my Year of Too Many Dolls.  I like to think I've gained some self-control since then ;).

Being an impulse buy, I hadn't done any research into Island Doll's quality before he arrived, so I was a little worried - but I needn't have been, because he's a lovely doll.  The Island Doll resin has a slight translucence to it, which gives it a nice warm tone in certain lighting - there's a slight redness to the tan that only appears in direct light.  In indirect light the colour is a nice light brown (when the red is disguised by shadow, he's quite close in colour to Iplehouse's Lt Brown).

Current wig and eyes
As is common with Chinese BJD companies, he came with sanded seams, and his resin has a nice even smoothness.  But unlike my dolls from Illusion Spirit, Dollzone and Bobobie, the sanding lines are virtually invisible - they really did a wonderful job of it, at least on this specific doll.  The only area with noticeable colour variation is along his headcap, which is always hidden under a wig.

I was also delighted by the engineering.  He has double-jointed elbows and knees but the joints aren't slippery, so he can hold a variety of poses without issue.  He's also able to stand without support on display, which is a fantastic bonus feature.

His face sculpt has a nice youthful quality that could work for a variety of ages.  Painted differently (and depending on eye size), he could work for any age from toddler right up to an eight-ten year old).  The features are a bit stylized, but not so strikingly so that he's out of place with more realistic dolls.

Overall, I would give this doll top marks for pose-ability, resin quality and overall appeal.
Kneeling (he can actually go deeper than this)


  1. Cute doll and outfit, and his companion on the last picture looks a bit dangerous (but apparently looks are deceiving :-)).

    1. Thanks! And ha! All my dolls get an alien sidekick at some point! ;)

  2. He's adorable and his outfit is really cool!

    1. Thank you! Most of his outfit came from Angell-Studio's collection - I don't have any of that company's dolls, but their wigs and clothes are first rate (and very reasonably priced for a BJD-specific line).

  3. He's adorable! One of my favorites you've shown so far.