Saturday, September 6, 2014

Out of the Box: Character Options' Doctor Who Series 2

Cyberman, the Doctor, Jack & K-9
I was just looking through/sorting photos and discovered a whole batch of toy pictures that I hadn't done anything with.  So instead of sorting through the basement, I thought it would be fun to share some of those.

Since I've been hearing talk lately about the newest Doctor Who shows (which, like all those summer movies, I haven't seen), I thought I'd start with some same-themed toys.

The Cyberman lived on my desk at work from
2007-2009.  Yes, he always rode a bunny.

Back in 2007 I had the opportunity to share a crate full of new figures with a neighbour (I'd been a fan of the audio adventures for ages and had enjoyed the reboot up to that point, although I'm not sure I was a big enough fan to need a crate of these) - and so I ended up with a wide variety of figures from Character Options' DW Series 2 toys.  It was probably a silly thing to do since I really only wanted K-9 and the Cyberman, but either way I also ended up with the 10th Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Jack, a werewolf and two Krillitanes (one grey, one brown).

In terms of quality, these figures are nicely made - they're detailed enough to clearly be the characters and creatures from the show but solid enough to hold up to play.  Most of the figures have between nine and eleven points of articulation, and they have great balance.

In the years since then, I've given away the werewolf, and the Krillitanes and Mickey and Rose have ended up in storage, but a few of them are still hanging around.  And since I have very few new/good photos of these toys, how about some old terrible ones? ;)

One of the only photos I could find with Rose and Mickey
(they're on the far left here).

K-9 survived many terrible photos with my late Staffie, Sadiedog.
Terrible lighting, but who didn't want a ridiculous
crossover like this?  Right?


  1. LOL at Cyberman riding a bunny. Sometime you just have to make do.

    Try as I might, I have never been able to get into Dr. Who no matter who was playing him. I saw the original when I was a youngster and it didn't do anything for me.

    1. I think some of the appeal for me is that when I was quite young, the opening theme music terrified me (I was convinced it was the sound of being sucked into an intergalactic toilet), so I think part of me still thinks that watching the credits is a brag-worthy thing to do. ;)

  2. I love that K9! Im going to need to get it someday to go with my Doctor figure.

  3. That photo of K9 and your late Staffie is cute. Sorry that Sadiedog is no longer with you; she looks kindly on K9. (The K9 is my favorite among these; the figures are smaller than *my* size ;-)

    That's a good likeness of the Tenth Doctor. I like the mini Rose and the mini Mickey, too. Cute! Wish that I had them playscale sized - well the Tenth Doctor and Mickey. I preferred Martha and Donna as Companions. Shrug.

    Thanks for sharing. I, too, have not seen any of the new shows with the new Doctor. Waiting for them to come out on DVD ;-)

    P.S. Have you seen the series "Orphan Black?" I saw and loved the first season; am waiting for the second via the library.

    1. I'm surprised they haven't done playscale-sized, considering that there are the three smaller sized figures and figurines and the 17" dolls. Clear gap in the market there!

      I haven't seen Orphan Black yet, it's on my list though - with all the recommendations, maybe I should bump it up a slot! I think I'll get to it once I've gotten through the final season of Fringe (I'm slooow when it comes to watching TV).

  4. I like some Doctor Who episodes, and others not so much. My daughters and Mr. BTEG are serious Whovians, however.

    Did you ever see the Weakest Link episode featuring Doctor Who cast members? K9 totally stole the show.

    I liked Martha as a companion, also. Don't know if I have a favorite, except that Amy becoming the Doctor's mother in law was an interesting plot twist. :)

    1. I haven't seen that Weakest Link episode - I'll have to look for it!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that there is a mini Cecile in her Christmas dress being sold on eBay right now. She will probably go inexpensively given that she is out of the box, and her hair is a mess, but if you just interested in the dress, that would work for you. Here is the link.

    There is another Christmas Cecile NRFB going for over $100 on eBay right now! O.O

    1. Thanks for the heads-up! :)

      Wish me luck!

  6. I love each and every one of these!!