Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A quick comparison: Iplehouse EID and Dollmore Glamor Model Heads

I've been asked a few times by people who own one but not the other if Iple's EID and Dollmore's Glamor Model heads and bodies are compatible.  The answer is not really, but it might be possible for people willing to make some modifications.

Iplehouse EID Chase & Dollmore Glamor Model Mettaa
Comparison shots of the heads (and head swaps) below the cut:

The GM head (left) is much smaller than the EID (right) head.
The neck holes differ in size similarly.
EID head on GM body: from this angle, it's not a terrible look.
EID head  (Arvid this time)on GM body: from the side,
the neck gap is very, very obvious.
GM head on EID body: aside from looking a little too small
for the body in general, the neck hole is too small to fit,
so some significant modifications would be required
to make a go of this hybrid.


  1. Thank you for the comparison, I find things like this very intersting, even if I don't go for this size of doll.

    1. I always love seeing how different dolls work with each other too, even if they're a completely different style or size than I collect, I'm always curious too! :)

  2. Hee hee, sorry JS, just had such a giggle about ol' fat neck in the last photo, it looks quite peculiar. I did enjoy the comparison though, it's always interesting seeing what goes with what.

    1. Heh, it does look funny doesn't it? Like a cartoon character with a steroid storyline, maybe. ;)

  3. Wow, I had an inkling Iplehouse EID heads were big but ... wowsers. The GM head looks petite next to it. And those EID necks ... so thick. I'm in awe that you have an EID as part of your collection. I briefly had a JID Asa and as much as I love Iplehouse aesthetics, I had such an insane amount of trouble with the JID body that I ended up sadly moving her on.

    My friend had an EID boy once and I got to see him in person and I have to admit, a bit too overwhelming of a doll for me, that size. So much resin. This is why I remain in awe of people who own these dolls.

    1. They're definitely hefty (I once took all 3kg of Chase hiking for photo purposes - not the best idea I've ever had!), although I think that's part of their charm. Although it does make storage a bit of a challenge! ;)

      It used to be a pain to dress them, but now that Soom has the ID72s, and Impl has their Idol dolls, it's easier to find clothes for them. Of course now that Iple has those even larger HIDs, I guess they'll be the wardrobe-challenge dolls now.

  4. This is fascinating. Do you know if an Iplehouse SID female head will fit on a Dollmore Model Doll F body?

    1. My instincts would say yes, but at the moment the largest Iplehouse female head I have is a YID, so I can't say for sure.