Monday, October 6, 2014

Shopping for Dolls: Wilde Imagination

The "Bitter Cold" outfit
Back at home at last!  But my camera seems to be MIA, so please forgive today's photo quality!

A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of outfits during the one of Wilde Imagination's regular sales; The "Bitter Cold" outfit and the "Seeing Red" dress.  Both items were on sale already, so that was an additional bonus.

As you might remember from my review of my Ellowyne Wilde line Lizette Spice, I liked the doll and her basic outfit, but didn't adore them, so I was curious to see what the non-basic outfits would be like.

The package arrived within two business days (as happened with the doll), so again I'm very impressed with their packing/shipping times.  I wasn't home to open it up that early, but it's still solid service that's worth mentioning.

Upon coming home and picking up the box, the biggest surprise was the sheer size of it:  the box for these two outfits was just as large as the one that had come when I ordered a doll!

Look at the size of this box!
The size of the box was somewhat excused by the size of the inner packaging (although there was quite a bit of extra space as well) - each outfit had an additional thick cardboard box inside:
The second layer of packaging

Within each of those was another box, this time the decorated Ellowyne Wilde-branded ones:
The "Seeing Red" Dress box
Inside the dress box, was an inner layer of thin board to which the dress was stitched to.  That part was wrapped in a layer of tissue:

Seeing Red Dress

The Seeing Red dress is simple in style but is a lovely colour and a solid quality material.  The dress portion isn't lined, but the top is.  The buttons on the front are non-fuctional; the dress closes via a series of snaps up the back.  Being a fairly simple piece of clothing, it's easy to get on the doll, and has a classic look:

Lizette in the Seeing Red Dress

The Bitter Cold outfit, containing more pieces, came in a larger inner-box (and one with a clear plastic window):
The Bitter Cold outfit
The top adds too much bulk.
As with the red dress, this outfit was stitched to an inner layer of board.  The full set included leggings, a top (which turned out to be leotard-style), a coat and boots. 

I quite like the style of this outfit, but unfortunately the quality was hit-or-miss.  The leggings on their own are fabulous:  they're a nice quality material, an in-scale print and they're lined which is wonderful.  On their own, they fit the doll perfectly.  Unfortunately though, because this outfit's top is a leotard, there's extra bulk on the doll when the two pieces are worn together, and because of that it's near-impossible to get the leggings to close.
The too-small left boot

The boots were even more disappointing.  the colour (a dark blue) goes perfectly with the colours in the leggings, and the style is an eye-catching one - lace-up high heels, slightly higher than ankle-length.  Unfortunately though, the quality doesn't live up to the appearance.  The first challenge was just getting the books on as the zippers on the backs are both weak and stick easily (I had a similar problem with the boots on my Tonner DW Martha Jones).

The tip of the heel.

Even after getting the zippers unzipped, only one of the boots went on as the right boot turned out to be too small for the doll's foot.  And then to top it off, it turned out that the glue on right heel tip had started coming off, and the tip was hanging off of the boot.  That's an easy one to fix at least!

All of that said, the coat didn't disappoint, and is a solid thickness, is nicely lined and has solid details.  Still, with all of the other issues with this outfit, I'm very pleased that I didn't pay full price for it.
The Bitter Cold outfit (minus the boots).


  1. I do like the Tonner outfits as I think they're such cute miniatures of original clothing....but I'd disappointed to see the problems you had with your second outfit. I have several of their outfits and have to say that some of them are slightly scimping on fabric as, like you found with the leggings, it's often hard to put all the pieces together, as I assume they were intended to be, due to the layers. And I too have had footwear break quickly after receiving it, which is a shame as I love the little details on the shoes and boots.
    I really think they should use less packaging, most of it goes in the rubbish bin anyway, so what's the point of it all.
    Having said all that, the outfits do look nice on your girl and I particularly like the red dress on her, it goes really nicely with her skin tone.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thanks! That red dress is definitely my favourite on her as well - I think she'll go on the shelf in that one. :)

      I've know that some people collect the outfit sets on-card (and that would explain the excessive packaging as well, since they'd want the inner layer as pristine as possible for display) , so for that segment of the market I can see why they might focus somewhat more on the details/appearance versus the quality, but I can't imagine that the on-card collectors actually outnumber the people who want the try the clothes on their dolls...

  2. Hi, the coat looks lovely, it's a shame the leggings don't fit when the top is on! I've had this problem with some separate Gene Marshall outfits in the past (not fitting, broken shoes etc.), so I can totally understand your disappointment. For collectibles the companies should offer solid and good clothes, especially for the prices some cost... Well, at least Lizette looks adorable with the clothes :-).

    1. Thanks!

      It's a shame to hear you'd had the same problems with other lines as well - it's disappointing to know how widespread the quality control issues are. But at least the pieces that work look good, so that's worth something! :)

  3. I had a heel problem on one of my Tonner doll boots too. Unfortunately, mine broke in the middle of the heel. Much harder to fix! I also have a pair of Tonner slippers that are too tight to actually get on the doll's feet. Doll companies seem to prefer the shoes super tight rather than a little loose so they go on the foot easily. Other than that, I usually buy basic dolls, or I buy my dolls nude second hand, so I don't know too much about clothes issues.

    That white box is called a shipper. I've had dolls mailed to me in just the shipper before, but of course with two objects that doesn't work. I imagine shippers got started for retailers to keep doll boxes from looking shopworn before they even hit the shelves.

    1. Hearing all these shoe stories makes me wonder why the shoes aren't sold as a separate items for most of these fashion doll lines (as most of the BJD outfits are). Even at the same price, I think I'd feel happier having fewer items if it meant they were all equal in quality. And considering how many more people sew clothes but don't make shoes, I'd think there would be a decent size market for shoes on their own as well.

      I'm sure you're right about the origins of the shipper boxes - it's just hard not to comment on it when I have such a large pile to take to the recycling bin when the clothes themselves are so tiny. Ah well...

  4. Shame about the defects but the clothes certainly look posh.

    1. Good point! :) Complaints aside, I am happy with the way they look.

      I should take some extra photos now that I've found my proper camera.