Friday, May 16, 2014

Clothes shopping for MSDs: Guess Doll

Two outfits spread out over 3 dolls.
One of the added money-sinks of getting into ball-jointed dolls is that the relative price of ready-made doll clothes tends to be proportional to the price of the dolls, which is to say high.  That tends to be offset by the fact that these guys are large enough that sewing for them is less of a challenge than it is for smaller dolls, so it does even out on that front.  Unfortunately for me, my sewing machine broke when I moved, so I've been watching for alternative clothing sources.

One clothing line that caught my eye was Guess Doll.  I've primarily seen the clothes sold through the dealer Denver Doll Emporium - shipping costs from them had turned me off when I was on the other side of the border, but now that I'm based in the US, I decided to order a couple of outfits and hope for the best.

The two outfits sets that I ordered ("Casual Affair" and "Cagey") were both in the $50-$60 range, which is quite reasonable considering the number of pieces included (two tops plus jeans in the first, and three tops plus jeans in the second).  I wasn't hugely impressed with the darker jeans from the "Casual Affair" set, which seemed a little thing and with only basic detailing, but everything else exceeded my expectations.  In fact, I would say the the quality is almost on par with some doll clothes that I've seen listed at twice the price.
Lumedoll Atik in the "Cagey" jeans and hoodie.

Withdoll Aiden in the "Casual Affair" tank and jeans.
These jeans were my least favourite item in the bunch.

JID Boris in the "Casual Affair" overshirt

SDC Miko in the "Cagey" t-shirt
SDC Miko in the "Cagey" jacket and t-shirt



  1. Thanks for sharing your new fashions on these figures. I am mercifully free of most larger dolls. (Exception, 1 Chrissy, 1 Kerry, 2 Mias, 1 Aimee, and 1 Harmony - U.S. Ideal and Hasbro dolls)

    I had wondered if a collector could use baby clothes for some of the larger dolls, but I can see that would not work for these BJD figures because they are older and too slim for baby clothes to look sensible on. I mention baby clothes because they can be bought cheap at discount stores and/or thrift stores.

    I better quit before your fine young men come after that crazy playscale collector thinking to swaddle them in baby clothes, lol.

    1. LOL!

      Although to be honest, I actually did adapt an infant top for one of my EIDs (they're broad enough to fill them out) at one point - it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I should post about the fashion misadventures of the big dolls at some point... ;)