Thursday, May 22, 2014

Out of the Box: Star Wars - The Power of the Force Luke & Coin

In the box.
One of the fun things about moving frequently is that unpacking is a little like opening presents while one of the less than fun things is that it's easy for things to get misplaced.  Clearing out my guest room closet this past weekend (which had become a bit of a dumping ground for things that should have gone into storage), I found an example of both of these things.

I have no memory of buying this "The Power of the Force" Luke Skywalker in Endor Gear with Display Coin, and yet here he is. In fact, he's apparently an old enough release that it's entirely possible that he's made every move with me since leaving my mother's house (I suspect that was a gift from some of my old school friends, since they had a habit of buying me Star Wars toys).

The coin.
Luke Skywalker.
In any case, I decided to keep and unbox him.  He's a standard Kenner figure, but the base and coin give him enough presence that it feels like he'd be easier to display than most figures of this size.  I have a decent number of figures in this size range that I've never found a satisfying way to display, but the stand really does make this one feel substantial enough to sit on a shelf on its own.

Return of the Jedi-style Luke on the stand, with a coin


  1. LOL, he is cute! Luke was always one of my favorite Star Wars characters... which is probably how it was supposed to be, you know, considering he's kinda the focus of the OT... anyway, love that the base allows for display of the coin!

    1. Yeah, I'm glad they did the base like that - mostly because I'd probably end up losing the coin otherwise. ;)