Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Arrival: American Girl Cécile

I think I've mentioned before that while I'm an admirer 18" play dolls, I'm not really a collector of them, so I was happy to own just two, my old AG Samantha and then my more recent SewDolling Madison.  But with the Samantha in storage I found that I missed having an AG around, and with rumours of the retirement of a couple of the historical dolls floating around, I decided to pick up a Cécile.

Having just been looking at my sister's old AG's a little over a week ago, I immediately noticed that this doll is much smaller (or at least less plush) than the old ones.  She also seems to have better hip mobility in that she can sit with her legs more-or-less out in front of her rather than with them splayed to the sides, which I think is a lovely feature.

In any case, I've talked about these dolls before, so I won't go into too many details expect to say that I'm quite pleased with this girl!
Cécile up close.
In modern gear.


  1. She is beautiful, congrats on her arrival!

  2. She's very pretty! I keep thinking about getting the mini Cecile, as she is marked down at AG. But there are always other things higher on the list.

    And I would like for my 18" Samantha to have a friend at some point, but again, the 18" dolls cost so much money that I always find someplace else to put it.

    1. Thanks! I put her off for quite a while as well, but the retirement rumours lit the fire for me.

      The mini doll is a sweet one too - and you can't beat a sale, right? ;)