Friday, May 2, 2014

Retro Week

The king of pop
I'm heading back home next week and have some more detailed posts planned once I'm back, but before I leave my mother's house, I thought I'd share some amusing blasts from the past (with apologies for the poorly lit photos).

My mother has been organizing her storage room (also known as the unfinished basement), and putting old toys into labelled bins.  This made it easy for me to find things like my sister's old Michael Jackson doll (with two outfits!), and a variety of other dolls of that era.

Optimus Prime
A variety of mini figures
Other fun finds were my old transformers (I only ever had four, but they were some of my favourites) and a sorting table full of tiny figures (I recognized Muppets, Monchichis, Cabbage Patch Kids and Strawberry Shortcakes amongst them) that are still be organized.


  1. Hey, King of Pop! Interesting shirt the MJ figure has on. It looks leather-ish.

    1. It does from a distance, but it's actually a funny synthetic material - softer than pleather. There was another top in the same box that seems to be the Thriller video jacket that's made of the same thing. Next time I'm back there I'll bring a better camera and capture it!

  2. You must have had some fun sorting through all those toys, I'm amazed your mother kept them, mine threw all my toys out after I left home. (not that I had many anyway, but I'm sure as hell, making up for it now.)

    1. Making up for lost time is always fun, at least when it comes to toys!

      And your right, it was great fun to go through the old boxes! :)