Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Arrival: Makie 3D-printed Doll

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a custom doll from, and today he arrived!

 He's an interesting toy (I'm not sure whether to call him a doll or an action figure - he seems to be right on the dividing line): very light, very well jointed, and a little strange about the face.  He's also fairly sturdy; the packaging was quite minimal, and he still arrived in perfect condition.

The accessories are a bit hit-or-miss.  The eyes (which are easily changed out) are lovely, but the clothes are very basic and not well-fitted.  The hook, is the same quality as the body, but is white rather than matched to the body (which it was in the creator).  The wig is a standard quality fur, but ends at such a high point on the head that it makes the doll look as though he's experiencing male pattern baldness (it was also adhered to the headcap, although it wasn't too difficult to remove).

The rabbit (a freebie during the sale period), which is unjointed, has lovely light-reflecting red inset eyes and is quite cute for such a simple figure.

The shipping tube
The backboard.  He was tied to it with ribbon
but was coming loose when I opened the tube.

Out of the box, showing off a pose.
The hook is to the right.
The rabbit. 
With the hook on.
He stands on his own quite easily.
Doing some yoga.
The posing and balance on this figure are excellent.

From the online creator.
 Overall, I'm pleased with this figure (or doll - it's hard to know which is right with this guy), but he doesn't quite resemble the doll from the creator quite as much as I'd hoped.  Erasing the pink lips will probably help that quite a bit.

The character inspiration.
Still, he's clearly similar, and some of it may be the faceup (he's painted, but it's fairly light), and the whole experience of custom ordering a doll like this (and the fun of playing with the character creator online - I spent a silly amount of time tying to get this guy to resemble my second Warden from Dragon Age: Origins) are well worth the price.

I'll have to share more of him once I've changed his hair and paint!


  1. This is neat! It kind of reminds me of Hugo Man of A Thousand Faces by Kenner.

    1. Huh, you're right, there is a resemblance there! It's the gauntness of the cheeks, I think.

  2. Not to be a weirdo, but when you share more photos can you include some nekkied ones to show his body articulation?

    He does look like the creator, but in an odd way, if that makes sense. I think the top is throwing me off. He also has boots in the creator. Were they not included?

    I like that rabbit a lot!

    1. Not weird at all - I was planning to take some photos of the body, but wanted to figure out how to get the shirt off first since it doesn't open down the back (I've since figured out that the head needs to come off for it, so I'll get those photos taken soon).

      I think the boots normally would be included, but I made the mistake of ordering off a saved creation from a year ago, so not all of the same pieces were available. I probably should have just created a whole new outfit before ordering, but I'm okay with keeping him barefoot for now.

  3. He's very cute, but he does look pretty different from the character you designed! That fascinates/baffles me about makies... I think the completely custom thing is awesome, but it's so interesting how they look so different from their online counterparts!

    1. I think the newly-introduced painting service actually does the doll a disservice - I wiped him, and he actually looks more (at least a little bit) like the virtual version.

  4. This is interesting. I've heard of these dolls a couple of months ago. I think it's interesting to get a doll from a character you designed, though it looks a bit different. The rabbit is just lovely ❤

  5. I understand your dilemma regarding what to call your Makie. My favorite photo of him is doing the yoga pose. Now that's a poseable doll? figure?

    The rabbit is cute. I don't usually see them posed like that so it's unusual, too.

    Congrats on your different um doll figure ;-)

    1. Thanks!

      The more I work with him (and I took him along on vacation this week, so he got to have some adventures) the more I'm thinking of him as an action figure with the head of a doll. Which sounds a little strange, but then he is a little strange! ;)