Monday, June 9, 2014

Out of the Box: Nightcrawler (various versions)

1996 Toy Biz Nightcrawler
I noticed a few Nightcrawler fans commented on my shelf post, so I thought I'd give this guy a moment to shine.

The figure seen in those displays is from a 1996  line from Toy Biz called "Light Up Weapon Classics".  As as the name suggests, this version of the character came with a light-up flaming sword (which I believe I still have, but it's gone into storage along with the Gambit and Psylocke figures that I also had from the line).

This figure has the classic red-and-black costume and the traditional haircut.  The toy has 9 points of articulation and a battery in its back, which powers the sword (you can see the holding spot for it in the figure's right hand).

This seems to be the figure that I see the most custom and repainted versions of, so I think there must have been a lot of these on the market at some point.

Even though this is the only Nightcrawler figure I have
Sales photo, since mine
is in storage.
on display, he's actually not the only one in my collection.  I also have the 1997 "WaterWars" Nightcrawler (as the name suggests, he came with a water gun), which is currently in storage.  That figure is a less attractive toy (it's clearly designed for play rather than display), but the standout feature is that it actually has Kurt in his late-1990s Excalibur look, with the short hair and the goatee.  Since Warren Ellis' run on that title was what got me into superhero books, I've always had a fondness for that incarnation of the character.

And finally, I also have the 2004 "Twist 'Ems" movie-tie in wind-up toy (with functional walking motion), which is small and silly, but also has a surprisingly detailed face sculpt that genuinely looks like that epic make-up job from X-2.  I'd actually thought I'd put that one in storage as well, but it turns out he was actually in my craft box, so here he is:
Comic and movie Nighcrawler, together.


  1. You are a lot more knowledgeable about X-Men and the comic book world in general than I am, but it's not really my hobby. I was exposed to the world of X-Men because my husband likes them. We also inherited a group of figures like your Nightcrawler, after a very good friend of Mr. BTEG and myself died unexpectedly. He was a huge Marvel comic nerd. The figures we have are in storage as well.

    In a 12 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing, my daughter and I studied piano/voice from a woman who lives in my hometown. Her son is an actor, and was the voice of Henry McCoy for the X-Men television series. He also had a brief spot in the first X-Men movie as the truck driver who drops Rogue off at the bar where she meets Wolverine. I think this actor should have been picked to play Beast in the X-Men movies. He's a large man, and would have been better than Kelsey freakin' Grammer. The closest I'll probably ever get to someone famous!

    1. That's an interesting personal connection - I love stories like that! :)

  2. I never read X-Men Comics and only saw the X-Men cartoon that was on air in the late 90's so I'm only familiar with NC as a teenager, not an adult. He looks vicious!

    1. He might look vicious, but his adult character is almost always a very sweet person (and often a very religious character as well - in the older cartoon he was even a monk), which I always thought was an interesting contrast.

      With the exception of the raised-by-Mystique Nightcrawler from the Age of Apocalypse alternate universe, of course - but that's probably more information than you wanted! ;)

  3. Weirdest Nightcrawler segue - I first loved NC because he was all-over the color and the texture of my favorite midnight blue suede chuka boots.

    But I also loved how compassionate, patient, and pious he was. Pious without being mean or sanctimonious. I like how he looks like a demon but actually is a good man. He and his sister, Mystique, experienced prejudice and cruelty because they were so visibly different. Only in his case, the experiences made him kinder and more loving. I base these comments on the 1980s X-Men comics that I read when Kitty Pryde had just been introduced, the Brood storyline, the Dracula story just before Storm got her Mohawk hairstyle. Oh and there was a NC origin story about him being placed in a circus. Not sure where that fell in - graphic novel, God Loves, Man Kills?

    I didn't know that the X-Men tv show had the characters as teenagers - hmm, might have to check that out; thanks, Muff.

    Thanks, jSarie, for sharing your Nightcrawler figures. On the bad side though, they have me thinking that the little figures are kinda cute ... ;-)

    1. You need some of the little figures, don't you? ;)

      I think that story you're thinking of was God Loves, Man Kills. I hadn't realized there was a collected edition of it, I should find a copy of that (I'm trying to thin out on my single issue collection).

  4. Want is possibly the more accurate word, lol.

    Oh, yes, I got a God Loves, Man Kills as a single unit, graphic novel. I didn't know it came as single issues. I would have preferred the graphic novel though anyway. Keep the whole story intact.