Friday, June 27, 2014

Random Toy of the Day: Aurora & Northstar (Toy Biz)

I'm back on my regular schedule next week, so today will be the last of these mini-posts (at least for now!).

Back in the late '90s, Marvel published the "new" Alpha Flight with a set of characters that was largely different from the '80s series.  And then, as that series was wrapping up, Toy Biz brought out a series of toys based on the '80s series.  Seems like strange marketing to me, but having started reading the old series and the new one concurrently, I did end up buying the full line of toys (the line consisted of three two packs - the twins that you see here, Snowbird and Puck and Sasquatch and Vindicator).

The rest of this series is probably still in my mother's basement, but the twins here have been moving around with me, and even though they're not he best quality figures, they are part of my permanent collection.  And at some point I will try to figure out what I did with their teammates.


  1. Cool. I remember when Alpha Flight first came out. I had a crush on bad-tempered Northstar until I realized, alas, "we" could never be. (Aside from him being fictional, he's also gay. Sigh. Oh well. I did get over it, lol.) I thought Aurora was totally crazy, but interestingly so. How many super heroes have multiple personalities? I don't mean alter egos, but full-blown alter egos.

    I don't recall much about the other characters. But oh boy, I remember the twins.

    They're cute for such small figures. (Slaps hand. Must resist tiny figures!)

    BTW - I love the action figure poses - legs wide and arms extended. Taking up all the room, lol.

    1. Heh, I always thought the twins were the most interesting AF characters too.

      And the whole series was broad-stanced like that - they're figures that demand their own personal space! ;)

  2. I love 90's Toy Biz figs! I don't think there was one MARVEL character that didn't get an action figure release as long as Toy Biz had say in the matter. The 90's was a good time to be a Marvel Comic/action figure fan!

    1. It's true, they did put out a pile of different lines. I always wished they'd done figures of the mid/late-90s Excalibur line-up, but they really did make just about everything but else!