Friday, June 6, 2014

Out of the Box: Diamond's Buffy (1999) and Angel (2005) Series

Vampire Angel I, Lorne, Wesley
Since there was some figure-spotting in the comments of my shelving post, I thought I'd give some attention to some more of the action figures.

My Angel figures are a bit of an accidental collection: a coworker of mine was a huge Buffy fan and wanted the Angelus figure for her desk.  But it was 2007, and the figure she wanted had come out in 1999 (a Diamond Select preorder, so it showed up in comic and specialty shops, but not in regular toy stores), and she didn't want to pay the increased prices that were showing up online, so she'd pretty much given up hope.
Lorne's microphone is still
strapped to his hand.

Shortly after she told me this tale of woe, my then-local comic shop (ComiKazi in Calgary, which I've spoken about before) had a massive clearance sale that allowed me to find not just the single Vampire Angel that she wanted, but a second one as well.  In the same box I found the 2005 Wesley and Lorne figures, so I picked up those as well.  My coworker only wanted the single figure, so the rest of the crew came home with me.

The figures are all nicely detailed with sculpts that clearly resemble the characters/actors from the TV series, and whose body sculpts show some fantastic clothing detail.  The 2005 figures also have fantastic accessories - a stage base with Lorne and a weapon cabinet with Wesley - although the same can't be said for Angel, who came with a floppy sword and a human-sized plastic ring.  The later figures are significantly sturdier than the earlier one as my Angel's forearm broke off within a couple of months, but I've heard the argument that the earlier line were intended to be kept in the box, so it's probably my own fault for using him as a display piece.
Wesley (and his cabinet) and Lorne (with his stage, speaker and microphone)
joined by a a few guest stars.
My coworker's Angel at the office.
For nearly a year after giving her the figure my colleague would send me
regular email updates called "The adventures of Angel and Barbie"


  1. LOL and The Adventures of Angel and Barbie! Even from a distance is was easy to recognize Lorne but I didn't realize that Angel was vamped out! That's sexy.

    1. LOL, they did do a nice job on that vampire face, it's true! ;)

  2. Cool! Thanks for bringing forth your little Angel, Wesley, and Lorne.
    What a cool co-worker you were there! Inspiring such a fun fanfic. I suppose your co-worker is not interested in doing that Angel and Barbie series online? I would follow such a storyline. Those figures look soooo cute.

    1. Heh, my coworker stopped updating the story a few years ago when she had her third child, but the kids are getting older now, so I should encourage her to start them up again!

    2. "Angel and Barbie" sounds so fun. 'course Barbie would probably demand first billing, lol. Promoted as a parody, it shouldn't have any trademark problems.

      Do let us know if your coworker does bring out those stories ;-D