Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Toy of the Day: Hiccup (Spinwork's Defenders of Berk mini line)

Another day, another holiday mini-post, and another nod to a summer movie that I've not yet seen!

Up today is this tiny Hiccup figure from Spinmaster's How to Train Your Dragon: Defenders of Berk line (a tie-in to the TV series that spans the time between the two movies).  The figure is designed to fit in with the mini-dragons that were released and as such is about half the size of a standard action figure.

As one might expect of a tiny playline toy, the detail on this figure is minimal, but is there is actually quite well done - the textured fur vest and the different shades of green do a nice job of capturing the look of the character, and the doll can hold the sword and shield accessories.  It's also worth noting that pre-HTTYD2, this was the only Hiccup figure that included the prosthesis.

The figure is also jointed not only at the shoulders, neck and hips but also at the knees, which gives it surprising pose-ability.


  1. I haven't bought any of the figures for Defenders of Berk but have almost all of the figures for the first movie( just missing Astrid).I think I might track this one down just because of the prosthesis.

    1. That was my reason to hunt down this one as well (it ended up being harder to find than I'd expected - the dragons were everywhere, but the single figures were surprisingly more rare).

  2. He looks quite cute. Saw the first movie, haven't seen the second but it's on my list too.